Support, Prayers, and Soft Leather

Support, Prayers, and Soft Leather

I am always humbled by people who genuinely support my writing and encourage me to continue tapping this keyboard and putting pen to paper. What many don’t know is that the writing process for me is similar to prayer. I use words in time of pain, triumph, surrender, and unsurpassed joy. Words have energy, purpose, and intent in my life the way chanting does to my Buddhist friends, the way rosary beads did for my Abuela Ana Dolores, and how meditation does for my mother. Whenever I recall a significant moment in my life, I can also recall the words spoken or written at that time. During academic achievements, death or birth I have always relied on words. I have written letters to all my children before they were born, to my husband the day we met, and to my ancestors regularly asking for guidance.

What I write on is equally as important to me depending upon the task. I have written on corn and tobacco leaves, napkins, printer paper, lined and unlined notebooks, paper bags, and even on tissue paper following some deep realization after a very ugly snot filled yet, extremely necessary cry when I was sure no one was looking.

So when Harry and Yvette Santiago gifted me with a beautiful soft nubuck leather journal I was surprised and extremely grateful. Harry is a project manager at Image Marketing and Yvette is a pedagogue in preschool. Harry and I both share the strange quirk that if a journal doesn’t “feel right” then it doesn’t encourage the writer to fill it. Strange? Well, maybe, coming from the woman who has written love poems on white flower petals! Nevertheless, a journal and a writer develop a bond, a connection to pages and if it doesn’t feel right from the first touch then why bother?

This journal is absolutely beautiful in look and feel. They wrote words of encouragement on the first page and their energy, purpose and intent clearly surrounds its soft leather and buttery interior sheets. I look forward to praying within its pages.

Thank you, Harry and Yvette, for this symbol of support, love and encouragement.

Performance Dates!

For those who have asked, here are some performance dates

Babble in The Bronx!

I’ll be featuring with Rock Wilk
When: Friday, February 17, 2012
Time: 8:00p.m. -11:30p.m.
Where: Mi Gente Cafe
1306 Unionport Road, Bronx, N.Y. 10462

I’ll be featuring in Fairfield University
With Flora Montes, John Chance Acevedo and Raul K Rios
When: February 27, 2012
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Fairfield University, Connecticut


Celebrate Women’s History Month with Gloria Rodriguez
author of
A Book Reading/Signing & Reception

w/Poetry by Peggy Robles Alvarado

Stand in Your Beauty; Claim Your Magnificence;
Celebrate the Spirit of Women in Community!

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Time: 6-9pm (starting promptly)
Where: The Longwood Art Gallery@ Hostos Community College
450 Grand Concourse (@149th St) Bronx, New York 10451
2,4, 5IRT Trains to 149th Street
For more information please visit:

Plantando Banderas was a success!

Behind The Scenes As show time approached and the crew tried to rectify some technical difficulties, the dancers and I posed for pictures, exchanged information, talked about our family members in the audience, and did everything in our power to remain calm. I am a firm believer in that some people are meant to enter

Conversations With My Skin, Promo Video

Conversations With My Skin is the first book of poetry of writer and educator Peggy Robles- Alvarado. She vividly depicts her violent poetic journey from a pregnant teen to a resilient woman determined to redefine herself. Her story embodies resolve, redemption, and healing for both mother and child. Go to homepage for more info.

NYU Performance with Capicu

On October 11th Bonafide Rojas and I were the featured poets at Capicu’s Cultural Showcase as part of NYU’s celebration of Latino Heritage Month hosted by Papo Swiggity and coordinated by the one and only George Urban Jibaro Torres.

Bonafide and his Pedro Pietri inspired BOX spoke out against the gentrification of Brooklyn and the power of creative writing.

Albert Taino Image Areizaga painted live! His portrait of Don Pedro Albizu Campos hovering over El Morro as if appearing in a sunset sky was beautiful. I know Albert as a photographer, visual artist, and poet. He is a true gentleman who never fails to tell me how proud he is of my accomplishments.

Puerto Rican Bomba filled the auditorium as the group Bombayo lead by Jose Ortiz invited the audience to dance.

Kyle Matthews accented Cynthia Pilar Renta-Carrera and Cristal Reyes as they lit the floor on fire with each piquete.

The rhythm of Bomba is intoxicating. It calls on a part of my spirit that rejects embarrassment, exhaustion or shame. It summons me to dance even if my steps aren’t polished or perfected. It grounds me to the Ciales land of my Abuelo Pedro Robles Miranda and my Abuela Dolores Ocasio Ortega. The drum stimulates my heartbeat and before I can say no, I greet the drummer and spiral into the natural movement, honoring the flow of ancestral blood pumping to the beat of the drum.

Thank you Capicu, NYU, Bombayo, Abuelo and Abuela for a wonderful night!

Behind the scenes with Plantando Banderas

On this beautiful Monday morning I worked with Linda Nieves-Powell, founder of Latino Flavored Productions, filming scenes with Orlando Ferrand for the upcoming Plantando Banderas Project to debut in November. Jovanny Ramos stepped up as production assistant while Orlando and I were directed by Linda. After scouting a few areas, unpacking equipment, setting up tripods,

Reflections for the month of September 2011

September 18th I had the pleasure of participating in the Brooklyn Book festival thanks to Nora Comstock from Las Comadres Para Las Americas ( and Aurora Anaya-Cerda from La Casa Azul Bookstore ( I sat with accomplished authors as well as new voices in the literary word and was humbled and excited. Carmen Mojica Fabian (,